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Solid wall insulation & Planning


Solid wall insulation can be applied internally or externally, or a combination (for example, internal insulation on the front façade, with external insulation to the rear).


Internal wall insulation does not require planning permission, although it is subject to building control, and you will need listed building consent if you live in a listed property.

External wall insulation may need planning permission depending on where you live, and what wall finish you choose. To find out if planning permission would be needed for your home, download our guidance note: “Will I need planning permission for external wall insulation?”


If you need planning permission for external wall insulation, you can make use of our guidance on submitting a planning application for external wall insulation.


If you are looking to do external wall insulation on a BISF (British Iron and Steel Federation) / Cornish type building in the Weston or Twerton areas of Bath, then you may be interested in the 'Pre App Advice for External Wall Insulation' report covering these areas which outlines recommendations for making a successful planning application.


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