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Planning permission & listed buildings


When considering making energy saving or renewable energy improvements to your home it is important to find out whether you need planning permission or listed building consent. You may need planning permission if the proposed works may alter the external appearance of the property in any way, and you may need listed building consent if you live in a listed building. As the owner of the property, it is your responsibility to determine whether you need either of these consents. If you do need planning permission or listed building consent, these will need to be in place before any works can start. 


Bath & North East Somerset Council Planning Services department can help you determine whether you need planning permission or listed building consent. 

If you've found out what consents you need, you may be wondering which energy efficiency improvements are right for your home. This is where B&NES's new Level 0 pre-application service can help. This is a new service being trialled as part of Green Heritage Homes, a project focussed on improving understanding of energy efficiency works for listed buildings. 

The Level 0 service involves a Conservation Officer visiting your home and providing tailored technical and conservation advice based on your property and the suitability of measures discussed, as well as any other factors such as budget.

This service is suitable for the following:

  • Energy saving 'quick wins' to save energy and water which may not require listed building consent

  • Draughtproofing

  • Secondary glazing and/or slim-profile double glazing

  • Internal wall, loft, and/or floor insulation

  • External wall insulation

  • Upgrading of existing heating and hot water systems

  • Heat pumps

  • Solar panels

For more information, visit the Council's Pre-application advice page

Planning Services 

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Useful resources

Retrofit SPD_2022.PNG

Sustainable Construction and Retrofitting Supplementary Planning Document
Bath & North East Somerset Council published this useful guidance which explains the five most common house types in the area and gives details on 24 energy saving and renewable energy measures including which permissions may be needed for each one. The document also includes diagrams, photographs and sketches. Web version can be accessed here.

External Wall Insulation and planning

In some cases, this measure may require planning permission. Additional guidance and information is available for this measure including guidance on how to make a good planning application for EWI; which materials and finishes may be appropriate; and links to local case studies and their successful planning application documents.


Windows in Listed buildings

Historic windows are an important aspect of the significance and character of a listed building. Click here for more information for guidance on windows in listed buildings.

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