Loft insulation

A quarter of a home's heat is lost through the roof, so insulating the loft can make a big difference to your thermal comfort and to your heating bills.

The recommended depth for mineral wool insulation – the most common material, pictured left – is 270mm (about 1ft), but there are other materials (usually more expensive) which require different depths. Even if you have some insulation in your loft you may benefit from a top-up to bring it up to an efficient standard.

Lofts need to be cleared of any belongings before the insulation can be laid out. If you are over 60 or disabled, you may be able to get help with clearing your loft from West of England Care & Repair's handy person service.

Contact the Energy at Home Advice Service for more information about loft insulation, and to find out if there are any installers currently offering grants to help cover the cost of installation.