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Historic windows are an important aspect of the significance and character of a listed building. Where they survive, their replacement would not be recommended for approval through the listed building consent process. Not all windows in listed buildings are historic - the historic value of a window will depend on its age and special historic and architectural interest for the building in question. Historic windows and their significance will need to be assessed on a case-by-case basis.


There are some circumstances where the Council would support an application for the replacement of windows with timber-framed, slim-profile double-glazing where:

  • The existing windows are agreed to be modern or of no historic significance or heritage value.

  • The existing windows are original or historic but are beyond feasible repair.

  • Replacement would enhance the special architectural or historic interest of the building - for example, where existing windows are of an inappropriate, modern style and replacements that are of an appropriate and authentic style would result in a significant conservation gain.

Secondary glazing may be a good option in a listed building.


Secondary glazing


In many cases the installation of secondary glazing will be possible in a listed building subject to detail. There may be circumstances where consent isn’t required but it is advised that preapplication is sought to confirm this (see link below).


However, consent is unlikely to be required where:

  • Slimline secondary glazing is proposed that only requires magnetic strips to fix it

  • The secondary glazing is painted finished to match the existing decoration of the window and interior

  • The secondary glazing does not inhibit the use and operation of the historic window and shutters

  • The secondary glazing sections exactly match the site lines of the window, such as the meeting rails



Secondary glazing may require listed building consent. However, this  Secondary glazing information shows how to go about making an application.


More tailored help


The Council also offers a detailed preapplication advice on any proposals for energy efficiency measures to listed buildings.


Windows in Listed Buildings


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