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Priority Services Register

Would you be at risk during a power cut?  Your Distribution Network Operator, Western Power Distribution (WPD) is responsible for maintaining the substations and power lines that bring electricity to your home. They are separate from your electricity supplier. They have a free Priority Services Register for people who:


  • are dependent on electricity for home medical equipment, mobility equipment or to keep medicines cold

  • are elderly

  • are disabled

  • have special communication needs

  • would be vulnerable or require assistance during a prolonged power cut


People on WPD's Priority Services Register get advanced notice of any planned interruptions to their electricity supply - allowing the householder to make any necessary preparations. They also get prioritised for reconnection if there is a power cut.

Please click on the button below to complete a secure registration form. This will take you to the website of our partner, the Centre for Sustainable Energy where you can sign up to WPD and water utilities Priority Services Registers.

What submitting this form means to you

  • The information supplied on this form, including personal data, will be stored by the Centre for Sustainable Energy and their partners. 

  • You are confirming that you understand WPD may need to pass details to a third party before you can receive the request priority services.

  • The Centre for Sustainable Energy, their partners and WPD will not use or pass your details to a third party for marketing purposes.

  • If you have a nominated contact, you are giving your explicit consent for WPD to talk to your nominated contact on your behalf when providing priority services. This may mean we will share information about you and your electricity supply with them.

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